Year 6 Block D

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Solve multi-step problems, and problems involving fractions, decimals and percentages; choose and use appropriate calculation strategies at each stage, including calculator use
Calculate mentally with integers and decimals: U.t ± U.t, TU × U, TU ÷ U, U.t × U, U.t ÷ U
Use efficient written methods to add and subtract integers and decimals, to multiply and divide integers and decimals by a one-digit integer, and to multiply two-digit and three-digit integers by a two-digit integer
Use a calculator to solve problems involving multi-step calculations
Use approximations, inverse operations and tests of divisibility to estimate and check results
Select and use standard metric units of measure and convert between units using decimals to two places (e.g. change 2.75 litres to 2750ml, or vice versa)
Read and interpret scales on a range of measuring instruments, recognising that the measurement made is approximate and recording results to a required degree of accuracy; compare readings on different scales, for example when using different instruments
Calculate the perimeter and area of rectilinear shapes; estimate the area of an irregular shape by counting squares
Estimate angles, and use a protractor to measure and draw them, on their own and in shapes; calculate angles in a triangle or around a point
Use coordinates in the first quadrant to draw, locate and complete shapes that meet given properties