Year 4: Geometry: properties of shapes

New Maths Curriculum (2014): Year 4 objectives.

Pupils should continue to classify shapes using geometrical properties, extending to classifying different triangles (e.g. isosceles, equilateral, scalene) and quadrilaterals (e.g. parallelogram, rhombus, trapezium).

Pupils should compare and order angles in preparation for using a protractor and compare lengths and angles to decide if a polygon is regular or irregular.

Pupils should draw symmetric patterns using a variety of media to become familiar with different orientations of lines of symmetry; and recognise line symmetry in a variety of diagrams.

Compare and classify geometric shapes, including quadrilaterals and triangles, based on their properties and sizes
Identify acute and obtuse angles and compare and order angles up to two right angles by size
Identify lines of symmetry in 2-D shapes presented in different orientations
Complete a simple symmetric figure with respect to a specific line of symmetry