Year 3 Block D

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Solve one-step and two-step problems involving numbers, money or measures, including time, choosing and carrying out appropriate calculations
Use knowledge of number operations and corresponding inverses, including doubling and halving, to estimate and check calculations
Add or subtract mentally combinations of one-digit and two-digit numbers
Develop and use written methods to record, support or explain addition and subtraction of two-digit and three-digit numbers
Use practical and informal written methods to multiply and divide two-digit numbers
Understand that division is the inverse of multiplication and vice versa; use this to derive and record related multiplication and division number sentences
Draw and complete shapes with reflective symmetry; draw the reflection of a shape in a mirror line along one side
Use a set-square to draw right angles and to identify right angles in 2-D shapes; compare angles with a right angle; recognise that a straight line is equivalent to two right angles
Know the relationships between kilometres and metres, metres and centimetres, kilograms and grams, litres and millilitres; choose and use appropriate units to estimate, measure and record measurements
Read, to the nearest division and half-division, scales that are numbered or partially numbered; use the information to measure and draw to a suitable degree of accuracy
Read the time on a 12-hour digital clock and to the nearest 5 minutes on an analogue clock; calculate time intervals and find start or end times for a given time interval