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Subtraction - Crystal Crash

The game was designed to cover all the mental subtraction objectives in the new maths curriculum. You can choose one objective, or choose all the objectives for a year group. 

This game will work on any tablet or computer.

1) Subtract numbers from up to 10 (Y1)

6) Subtract from 100 (multiples of 10) (Y3)

11) Subtract tens from a three-digit number (Y3)

16) Subtract combinations of decimals (1dp) (Y4)

2) Subtract numbers from up to 20 (Y1)

7)Subtract from 100 (multiples of 5) (Y3)

12) Subtract hundreds from a three-digit number (Y3)

17) Subtract a decimal (2dp) from 1  (Y5 & Y6)

3) Subtract ones from a two-digit number (Y2)

8) Subtract from 100 (Y3 & Y4)

13) Subtract a decimal (1dp) from 1 (Y4 & Y5)

18) Subtract combinations of three-digit numbers (Y5 & Y6)

4) Subtract tens from a two-digit number (Y2)

9) Subtract from 1000 (multiples of 100) (Y3 & Y4)

14) Subtract a decimal (1dp) from 10 (Y4 & Y5)

19) Subtract combinations of decimals (2dp) (Y5 & Y6)

5) Subtract a two-digit number from a two-digit number (Y2)

10) Subtract ones from a three-digit number(Y3)

15) Subtract two-digit numbers from three-digit numbers (y4)

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