About Mathsframe

I have always loved playing with numbers. Before becoming a primary school teacher I worked for many years as a mathematician.

I created Mathsframe because I thought there was a lack of high quality interactive resources for teaching maths in primary schools. I wanted to make games which could be used by teachers to explore numbers and patterns with their students. Games that were designed around the curriculum, that were simple to understand, and that could be easily differentiated to suit a class's needs.

For the past 12 years I have worked part time on Mathsframe while working as a KS2 teacher, and more recently as head of school and acting headteacher. From September 2016 I shall no longer be working in school, and will be able to dedicate myself full time to Mathsframe. Since January I have been creating worksheets, linked to objectives to the new curriculum, which are completely free to download and use. There are currently more than 200 interactive maths games and nearly 200 worksheets on the website. I am really excited about having the time and energy to further develop these resources.

Registering only costs £10 for an individual user (£50 for a whole school license) and will allow me to continue to invest in creating more high quality maths games and resources in the future.

Ted Burch August 2016