Latest Maths Games (updated 10th April 2017)

10th April 2017Expanded Addition Using Place Value Counters - Tablet Version - A step towards a more formal written method of columnar addition using place value counters. This version will work on an iPad or any tablet.

30th March 2017Column Subtraction Using Place Value Counters - Tablet Version - A good starting place for teaching column subtraction. Helps children to visualise the processes involved. Choose either expanded subtraction or column subtraction, with or without the need for borrowing. This version will work on an iPad or any tablet.

27th January 2017Algebra - Balancing Scales - Provides a visual representation, using balancing scales, to help children see how to solve simple algebraic equations. .

21st January 2017Algebra - Bar Method - Provides a visual representation, using the bar method, to help children see how to solve simple algebraic equations. .

20th December 2016Simplify Fractions - Use common factors to simplify fractions. The fractions are then represented using rectangular arrays to help children see the relationship.

4th December 2016Angle Drag - Drag the line to make a given angle then measure using a protractor.

3rd November 2016Dividing Fractions - Provides a visual representation to help children understand how to divide fractions.

6th October 2016Order of Operations - Use knowledge of the order of operations to carry out calculations involving the four operations and explore the order of operations using brackets.

26th July 2016Monty's Maths Memory - Help Monty remember where to find the card with the correct answer. Lots of levels to play.

14th March 2016Maths Raiders - Destroy the spaceships by answering maths questions. Lots of levels to play.

25th August2015Monty's Maths Wall - help Monty the dog drop the bricks in the correct places. Lots of levels to play

19th April 2015- A new Android App Time Games - which has 5 time games from the website. The app will be available for iOS in a couple of weeks.

26th February 2015Multiply simple pairs of fractions - Can be used to demonstrate the effect of multiplying one simple fraction by another.

6th February 2015Snake - KS2 Maths Game - guide the snake to avoid the hazards and eat the correct numbers. Lots of levels to play

8th January 2015KS2 Maths Invaders - destroy the alien invaders before they attack you. Hundreds of levels designed around the new maths curriculum.

15th November 2014 - Simplify Fractions- Mine Mayhem - shoot the fractions in their simplest form.

14th November 2014 - Factors, Prime & Square Numbers- Mine Mayhem - choose to shoot the factors of number, prime numbers, square numbers, or any combination of the three.

4th November 2014 - Shooting Multiples- Mine Mayhem - choose to shoot the multiples of any number from 2 to 12

24th October 2014 - New game  Fractions of Numbers- Mine Mayhem - find the fractions of a number and then shoot the correct mine

23rd October 2014 - New game  Roman Numerals- Mine Mayhem - blast the mine with the number that matches the Roman numerals

22nd October 2014 - New games  Number Bonds - Mine Mayhem - use number bonds to destroy the mines and Reading Numbers - Mine Mayhem - match the numbers written in words with the correct numerals

17th October 2014 - New game  Multiplication - Mine Mayhem - use times tables to shoot the mines before they hit you in this fun arcade game.

13th September 2014 - New iPad app  Crystal Crash Maths - all 13 Crystal Crash games in a single app. Hundreds of levels covering objectives from Year 1 to Year 6 of the new maths curriculum.

26th August 2014 - The last Crystal Crash game (unless you can suggest another). Shoot the Fractions in their simplest form.

18th August 2014 - Another new Crystal Crash game. Shoot either Multiples, Factors, Prime, Square or Cube Numbers

10th August 2014 - Two new Crystal Crash games. Convert fractions to Percentages and Decimals 

9th August 2014 -  Rounding Crystal Crash and Telling the Time in Words Crystal Crash 

30th July 2014 -  Reading Numbers - Crystal Crash 

24th July 2014 -  Multiplication Crystal Crash and Division Crystal Crash 

23rd July 2014 -  Addition Crystal Crash and Subtraction Crystal Crash 

22nd July 2014 -  Multiply and Divide by 10, 100 and 1000 (3) 

16th July 2014 -  Roman Numerals - Crystal Crash 

4th July 2014 -  Comparing Numbers on a Number Line Compare the numbers on two different number lines and decide which is bigger. A great game to get children thinking about place value and reading varying scales.

27th June 2014 -  Estimating Numbers on a Number Line 

25th June 2014 -  Crystal Crash - Fractions of Numbers

12th June 2014 -  Find the perimeter of compound shapes

25th May 2014 - Use inverse operations to find a missing number -  Thinking of a Number

10th May 2014 -  Using a Calendar

28th April 2014 -  Find the Mean, Median, Mode and Range of a set of cards

3rd April 2014 -  Multiply Fractions

30th March 2014 -    Convert Measurements Dominoes Convert between: millimetres and centimetres, centimetres and metres, metres and kilometres, minutes and hours, minutes and seconds, grams and kilograms and millilitres and litres.

21st March 2014 -    Formal Written Division - Round Up or Down? Answer word problems using either long division or short division and then round the answer up or down depending on the context.

14th March 2014 -   Long Division - Formal Written Method

27th February 2014 -   Short Division - Formal Written Method

21st February 2014 -   Addition and Subtraction Dominoes Answer addition and subtraction questions to arrange the dominoes as quickly as possible. Lots of choice over level.

18th February 2014 -   Bubble Pop - Number Bonds is a fun game to help children to learn their number bonds and get quicker at mental addition. iPad and Android versions will be avalable soon.

12th February 2014 - I have updated Multiplication - Written Method.

11th February 2014 - I have updated Column Addition.

7th February 2014 - I have updated Expanded Addition.

25th January 2014 - Dominoes: Match Fractions, Decimals and Percentages.

24th January 2014 - Roman Numerals Dominoes.

22nd January 2014 - Multiplication Dominoes.

13th January 2014 Telling the Time Dominoes.

3rd January 2014 - Bubble Pop - Multiplication. A fun game to help children to learn their multiplication tables.

22nd December 2013 - Fraction Dominoes

4th December 2013 - Column Subtraction using Place Value Counters

23rd November 2013 - Expanded Addition using Place Value Counters

6th November 2013 - Add fractions with the same denominators

1st November 2013 - Add and subtract fractions with different denominators

20th October 2013 - Perform a calculation using the calculator and then round your answer to the nearest 10, 100, whole number or decimal with 1, 2 or 3 decimal places.

14th October 2013 - Use the inverse operation to solve multiplication and division questions with a calculator.

3rd October 2013 - I have added a new game that helps children to visualise the relationship between addtion and subtraction.

24th July 2013 - I have added a new game which involves finding the - surface area of 3d shapes

5th July 2013 - I have added a new and improved version of the grid method multiplication resource. It now includes more levels and a scoreboard.

21st June 2013 - Find the missing angles in a triangle, around a point, in a quadrilateral, find opposite and supplementary angles, or find angles which require multi-step problem solving skills.

21st June 2013 - An ipad version of  Number Facts - Beat the Clock is now available.

11th June 2013 - Give the probability of an event on a number spinner, or compare the probabilty of an event on two different number spinners and say which is more likely.

30th May 2013 - I have updated the Number Facts - Beat the Clock game. You can now choose multiple objectives, or objectives grouped by national curriculum level. A very versatile game.

22nd May 2013 - I have updated the column subtraction game and shall be adding some new levels shortly.

11th May 2013 - I have now updated all 4 of my time games so that they all include a scoreboard.

8th May 2013 - I have updated my telling the time game to include a scoreboard, so you can track progress over time.

30th April 2013 -Drag the missing symbols to the correct position to make the number sentence correct.

19th April 2013 - Convert improper fractions to mixed numbers

15th April 2013 - The iPad version of placing numbers on a number line is now available.

2nd April 2013 - Express a quantity as a percentage of another choose number, word or shape problems. 

26th March 2013 - I have redesigned an existing game - placing numbers on a number line - which will be available as an ipad app soon

23rd March 2013 - Use beadstrings and a number line to explore the difference between 2-digit numbers

6th March 2013 - Answer word problems involving ratio and scaling numbers using multiplication and division.

24th February 2013 - Added another new calculator game - use brackets to order operations

21st February 2013 - Added a new game - find fractions of numbers using a calculator. I also added a new category for all my new calculator games

19th February 2013 - Answer division word problems using a calculator and decide whether the answer needs to be rounded up or down depending on the context of the question.

6th February 2013 - Using a calculator - finding change can be used to demonstrate to children how to use a calculator as it records all the calculations as the keys are pressed.

17th January 2013 - I am really proud of this new game - 'Coordinates - reasoning about position and shape' - I think it will work well for developing children's thinking about shape and position.

6th January 2013 - I have added 2 free ipad apps for sorting numbers on Carroll and Venn diagrams.

1st January 2013 - There are now 7 ipad apps available. I shall be adding more in the next couple of weeks. 

30th November 2012 - Find percentages of numbers and money.

21st November 2012 - Find a number when given a fraction of that number.

16th November 2012 - Use a fraction bar to help to visualise fractions of numbers

3rd November 2012 - Shade a fraction of an amount.

29th October 2012 - Identify the errors on a Carroll diagram used to sort numbers.

28th October 2012 - Identify the errors on a Venn diagram used to sort numbers.

23th October 2012 - 2d shapes on a Carroll diagram with missing labels.

19th October 2012 - Order the fractions decimals and percentages.

17th October 2012 - Drag the labels to the correct position on a Carroll Diagram. Great for reasoning about numbers and their properties.

13th October 2012 - Drag the digit cards to make the decimal closest in value to a given number.

11th October 2012 - Added a new game which encourages lots of thinking about place value.

4th October 2012 -  Compare fractions with other fractions, decimals or percentages

2nd October 2012 -  Children are given a range of coins and have to work out how much more money is needed to make a given amount. A number line is shown to support their thinking.

30th September 2012 -  Drag the digit card to make the equivalent fractions

19th September 2012 -  Added a new game which represents multiplication using an array and a number line

18th September 2012 - Solve 2 step problems using pie charts.

16th September 2012 - Interpret Pie Charts and answer word problems.

6th September 2012 - Adding Money - Digit Drag a challenging game in which you need to drag the digit cards to make a given amount of money

2nd September 2012 - Read the scales on measuring cylinders and answer a variety of word problems.

23rd August 2012 - Addition - Digit Drag  and Adding Decimals - Digit Drag in which you must drag the digits to make a given sum.

11th August 2012 - Read a variety of numbered and partially numbered scales. Measure mass, capacity and temperature.

9th August 2012 - Added an activity to help children to visualise number bonds using base ten blocks and a number line. 

1st August 2012 - Recognise and continue sequences involving fractions, colours and shapes

19th July 2012 - Recognise and continue sequences involving colour, shape and numbers.

11th July 2012 - Match fractions, decimals and percentages.

6th July 2012 -Find the start time for a given time interval.

28th June 2012 -Adding Time - Word Problems. Read the time on either an analogue or digital clock and then answer a word problem involving adding a given time.

16th June 2012 - Tell the time in words using language such as 'half past' and 'quarter to'.

14th June 2012 - Read the time on an analogue clock. Lots of choice over levels, including: reading time to the nearest hour, half hour, quarter hour, five minutes or minute. Telling the Time.

5th June 2012 - Added 'Sorting 3D shapes on a Venn Diagram'. Sort the 3D shapes according to their properties, such as prisms, pyramids, number of vertices, edges or faces.

4th June 2012 - Added 'Sorting 3D shapes on a Carroll Diagram'. Sort the 3D shapes according to their properties, such as prisms, pyramids, number of vertices, edges or faces.

10th May 2012 - Added 'Add and Subtract on a Number Line' in which near multiples are added and subtracted on a number line

11th March 2012 - Added 'Adding Several Numbers' in which you must find 3 or 4 numbers that will add to make a given total.

25th February 2012 - Added 'Balancing Calculations' in which you have to find the missing number in a calculation to make the scales balance. Great for exploring the role of the = sign. I have tried to include all Primary Framework mental maths objectives. I shall be adding a few more levels in the coming weeks.

2nd February 2012 - Added two resources to help teach division by chunking. 'Division by chunking down' can be used to explore division as repeated subtraction and 'Division by chunking up' as repeated addition.

15th January 2012 - Added 'Balance scales - add, move or remove a weight' a great starter activity which requires that you balance the scales by either adding a weight, moving a weight from one pan to another, or by removing a weight. Involves lots of problem solving skills and mental addition and subtraction strategies.

12th January 2012 - Added 'Different ways to pay' in which you explore different ways to make the same amount of money using draggable coins.

1st January 2012 - Added 'Difference using an unmarked number line' a game in which you find the difference between two numbers by adding numbers to a balance scale. Children must find the most efficient method (adding the fewest possible numbers). The numbers are represented on a balance scale and by jumps on an unmarked / empty number line.

29th December 2011 - Added 'Difference using a marked number line' a game in which you find the difference between two numbers by adding numbers to a balance scale. These numbers appear as jumps on a marked number line.

22nd December 2011 - Added 'Fixed number of coins' in which children have to make a set amount of money using a fixed number of coins.

20th December 2011 - Added 'Balancing Scales - g and kg' a game which can be used to teach addition, subtraction, partitioning and mass, as well as developing an understanding of the equals sign.

16th December 2011 - Added 'Fewest Coins'. Drag and drop coins to make a given amount using the fewest possible number of coins.

15th December 2011 - Added 'Balancing Scales - converting between g and kg' a game which develops an understanding of the relationship between grams and kilograms using a balancing scale.

19th November 2011 - Added two new games which involve sorting numbers on Venn and Carroll diagrams.

15th November 2011 - Added a new game which involves sorting shapes on a Venn diagram.

14th November 2011 - Added a new game which involves sorting shapes on a Carroll diagram.  New games involving balancing weights will be coming shortly too.

Latest Maths Games (updated 10th April 2017)