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Tower of Mathematics - Subtraction

1) Subtract numbers from up to 10 (Y1)

2) Subtract numbers from up to 20 (Y1)

3) Subtract ones from a two-digit number (Y2)

4) Subtract tens from a two-digit number (Y2)

5) Subtract a two-digit number from a two-digit number (Y2)

6) Subtract from 100 (multiples of 10) (Y3)

7)Subtract from 100 (multiples of 5) (Y3)

8) Subtract from 100 (Y3 & Y4)

9) Subtract from 1000 (multiples of 100) (Y3 & Y4)

10) Subtract ones from a three-digit number(Y3)

11) Subtract tens from a three-digit number (Y3)

12) Subtract hundreds from a three-digit number (Y3)

13) Subtract a decimal (1dp) from 1 (Y4 & Y5)

14) Subtract a decimal (1dp) from 10 (Y4 & Y5)

15) Subtract two-digit numbers from three-digit numbers (y4)

16) Subtract combinations of decimals (1dp) (Y4)

17) Subtract a decimal (2dp) from 1  (Y5 & Y6)

18) Subtract combinations of three-digit numbers (Y5 & Y6)

19) Subtract combinations of decimals (2dp) (Y5 & Y6)


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