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Year 6: Decimals and fractions

New Maths Curriculum (2014): Year 6 objectives.

Pupils should begin to multiply and divide numbers with up to two decimal places by one-digit and two-digit whole numbers. Pupils multiply decimals by whole numbers, starting with the simplest cases, such as 0.4 × 2 = 0.8, and in practical contexts, such as measures and money.

Pupils should also be introduced to the division of decimal numbers by one-digit whole numbers and, initially, in practical contexts involving measures and money. They should recognise division calculations as the inverse of multiplication.

Pupils should also develop their skills of rounding and estimating as a means of predicting and checking the order of magnitude of their answers to decimal calculations. This includes rounding answers to a specified degree of accuracy and checking the reasonableness of their answers.

Year 6: Decimals and fractions