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Maths Race - Multiplication

Steer your car to the correct answer and avoid the hazards. See how quickly you can complete the course. This game will work on any device in your browser.

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Choose to practise a times table or choose all objectives (taken from the National Curriculum) for your year group.

1. Recall and use doubles of all numbers to 10 (Y1)

6. 3 times table (Y3)

11. 6 times table (Y4)

16. Double 3 digit numbers (Y4)

2. 2 times table (Y2)

7. 4 times table (Y3)

12. 7 times table (Y4)

17. Double decimals (1dp) (Y4)

3. 5 times table (Y2)

8. 8 times table (Y3)

13. 9 times table (Y4)

18. Recognise square numbers (up to 15²) (Y5/6)

4. 10 times table (Y2)

9. Double numbers up to 100 (Y3)

14. 11 times table (Y4)

19. Recognise cube numbers (up to 10³) (Y5/6)

5. Derive and use doubles of simple two-digit numbers (Y2)

10. Doubles of multiples of 50 up to 500 (Y3)

15. 12 times table (Y4)

20. Double decimals (2dp) (Y5/6)

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