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ITP Symmetry

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This ITP has been remade so that it will work in modern browsers. It will remain free to use.

This ITP displays a grid, which has a ‘mirror’ in the middle. The mirror can be set to a horizontal, vertical or diagonal orientation and then adjusted by dragging it around a central point. Squares on the grid can be highlighted in yellow and the shape created can be moved to a new position on the grid. The reflection of these highlighted squares can be shown in blue, or hidden, with the mirror fixed or while the mirror is being rotated.
The ITP can be used to develop children’s understanding of symmetry, to observe the effect of reflecting shapes in mirror lines, and to explore the properties of reflected shapes. You can use the ITP to help children to predict the position of shape that is to be reflected and to look at what happens to an image as the original shape is altered or its position is changed.

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